As other groups in Ohio have larger populations and have obtained key roles in government, the EECOH is requesting dialogue with Ohio’s Representatives and Senators.  Some Ohio Representatives and Senators have already been made aware of this need of having an Eastern European presence in government.

Laurel Tombazzi, whose heritage is Carpatho-Rusyn and Hungarian, has begun this process to be the voice for concerned Eastern Europeans in Ohio.  She has been culturally active on both sides of the Atlantic promoting Eastern European understanding.  Laurel is active in the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Rusyn Ambassador to ClevelandPeople.com, Carpatho-Rusyn Society, Youngstown’s Simply Slavic Festival, Worldwide International Network (WIN), Director of the Karpato-Rus’ Ensemble, Revere School Language Program and Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation.

Any Ohioan who has an interest in Eastern Europe or any Eastern European organizations can join the EECOH.  For further information, please click on “contact us”.